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Online dating is brutal. The Date Photographer can fix it.

Are your online photos worth the paper they're printed on?

One message has been forged into your brain from the time you were 10: first impressions matter. Think about what you do when you browse through profiles. You're looking for something to grab your attention, something to snap you out of the monotony of boring person after boring person. And photographs are the gatekeepers of your profile. Even the most brilliant, heartfelt and evocative profile won't get read if the photographs don't sell it.

What are you willing to do to be the person who stands out?

It's not personal, it's marketing

If your perfect partner rejects your carefully crafted advance because you look like a dork, then the $39.95 a month you're spending for that dating site, and your 30 hours a week online doing the dance, are all for nought. Face it: your online profile is marketing. Do the pictures in your profile show the product to its best advantage?

Bad pictures are (not much) better than nothing.

How empty is thy inbox? Got that dry, itchy, no mail feeling? Profiles with pictures get 15x the response of profiles without. But if your pictures aren't doing the marketing job they should, then the response you're getting isn't from the, shall we say, customer base you're trying to reach. You need good pictures. Yet so many people have icky pictures online. What's going on?

Travel snapshots are fine...for mom.
Bar snaps are great...for drunk friends.
Pictures of your cat are you.
Pictures with half your ex...don't fool anyone.


Why, Why, Why?

Because it's convenient, that's why. Because getting good pictures of yourself is harder than it looks. And because people confuse the feelings they have about the circumstance in which the picture was taken with the quality of the picture. But when potential paramours peruse your pictures, they don't see what you feel. They see a tourist, a bar patron, a wedding guest. Is that the best you can do?

It doesn't have to be this way!

Everybody deserves to look good. Getting there doesn't have to hurt. Now there is a professional, affordable, guaranteed way to look better in your profile.

If you've ever gone to a spa, hired a personal trainer, or worked with a paid coach, you know what professionals bring to the party. These services help you live up to your potential. Photography can be like that too.

When you see great pictures of you, your whole outlook changes. The optimistic, creative, interesting and unique person inside starts to show on the outside. And the world has a chance to see the you that your friends can't believe is still single.

The next time your profile gets its 6 seconds of fame, will it deliver?


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