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Hi. My name is Jonathan Mandel. I'm the Date Photographer. My studio is in San Francisco, and I specialize in personal pictures of people. I've been a full-time professional photographer since 2001.


The Date Photographer started when I went online to post my own profile. I took a look at the pictures people were using and realized that there's a giant hole in the world of personal marketing. In a word, the pictures suck. It's not that they don't show spirit — some do. But in the main they make interesting people look dull.

And I realized that people who take their lives seriously, who care about who they spend time with, need to present themselves in the best light possible. Because we're all expert critics, and first impressions matter.

When I'm not making pictures, I: love to cook, am captivated by really good dark chocolate, have skied since I was 8, have been skydiving exactly once, and think that Richard Thompson is a very good guitar player. I've also served on the board of the PPGBA, the organization for professional photographers.

The 2 pictures next to the B&W one (no, that's not my truck) were taken by Kim Sayre, another great Bay Area photographer. The music playing on the home page is "Vieni, Vieni, Vieni", by the Benny Goodman Quartet. It was recorded in 1937. This website is by me.



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