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The Date Photographer FAQ

I hate having my picture taken. Do I have to do this?
Yes. If you're serious about meeting someone online, you need good pictures. And the picture that you took grimacing into your iPhone held at arm's length is not a good picture. Neither is the one with your ex chopped out, along with half your arm.

I'm not convinced.
You're sitting there browsing through profiles. What is the first thing you do? Read the witty opening paragraph? I don't think so. You look at the picture. And if the picture sucks -- even if the person is special, interesting or delightful -- you move on. Now imagine this. Your perfect partner is browsing profiles. They see yours. Your picture sucks. What happens next?

I'm a slow reader. Can't we just talk?

How many pictures do you take?
Usually between 100 and 200.

Can you help me decide what clothes are best?
Yes. When you sign up for your session, you'll receive an info packet that talks about what to wear. And when we meet, I'll be happy to review your clothing choices with you.

Where did I leave my keys?
Check your jacket.

What about provocative pictures?
You know, guy w/o shirt, girl in bikini?

I don't recommend them. Remember, you're showing pictures to people you've never met. You want to be subtly sexy, and the best pictures will hint at the mouth watering whatever that lurks underneath those True Religions. Unless you're on a hook-up-for-sex site, outright sexy pictures can be offputting. But if you want 'em, I'll take 'em.

I'm on more than one dating site. Can I use my pictures on all of them?

What's your favorite whisky?
This week? Johnny Walker Green.

What's the "bring a friend for 25% off" deal?
Bring a friend. You each get 25% off the price of your session. Both sessions must take place on the same day and in the same location.

What if the light isn't good on the day we take my pictures?
Don't worry. We bring lights.

Do you accept credit cards?

Do you accept PayPal?

Do you accept Girl Scout Cookies?
No. Those are bad for you.

I'm a photographer. I want to be a Date Photographer too.
Send me 5 of your best portraits, a link to your website, your phone #, and where you live. We'll talk.

What's a Photo Review?
I look at 3 of your pictures and give you an honest assessment of how they work. If you later choose to have me take pictures of you, the cost of the review is applied to your session fee. And yes, I'll tell you if you don't need to hire me. Click here for more info.

What's your guarantee?
If you're not delighted with your pictures, you get your money back.

I put my new pictures online but I'm not getting any more responses.
Really? Perhaps you need a profile makeover.

What's a Profile Makeover?
A professional writer reviews your profile (the words) and punches it up. Click here for examples.

What's the best chocolate in the world?
That would be Amedei, and specifically Amedei Chuao. Want proof? Mention chocolate during our session and I'll give you a sample.

The instructions on my dating site say that pictures have to be yadda pixels tall by blahblah pictures wide. Can you make that happen?
Yes. When we deliver your pictures, we'll tell you exactly which size to use for the dating site(s) you're using. If your site isn't on our list, we'll add it.

Once I select my pictures, can you help me put them online?

Where are you located?
The Date Photographer's studio is in San Francisco. Click here for directions. We also have affiliated photographers all over the place.

Studio? Do you offer studio portraits?
Yes. If you're a vivacious person whose personality shines in facial expressions and gestures, then a series of classic studio portraits may be perfect.

Do you come to me, or do I come to you?
Yes. Come to us and we'll photograph you in our neighborhood. Or, for 29 bucks, we come to you (your house, your park, your coffee shop, whatever).

I'm outside of the SF Bay Area. Can we still work together?
Yes. We have relationships with photographers throughout the country. We select each photographer personally, and our guarantee and pricing applies no matter where you are. Please contact us, and we'll introduce you to an affiliated Date Photographer in your area.

I still have questions.
Write to me.


Click here, put in your phone number, and both our phones will ring. Ain't the web great?

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