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Once you Plunge on In, The Date Photographer will contact you to confirm your session time and decide where we'll take your pictures. Then you'll receive detailed information about what to wear, what to expect during our session, and how to view your pictures.

At Your Session

On your photo day, The Date Photographer will meet you at one of our great locations. Like something urban? We've got that! Want something more rural? We've got that too! Something out of the ordinary? Give us a call.

One more thing: we'd love it if you bring a friend to your session. Why? These are social pictures, and they work best when they show you in relation with someone you like. Your friend won't necessarily appear in your pictures. But your pictures will show your engagement and attention, and your friend can really help you relax and have fun. (We promise to do that too, friend or not.)

Your session wil be super interactive: expect to work it like a model, and expect to have fun!

After Your Session

After your session, we'll post your pictures online. Your gallery can be password protected, if you wish. You'll select your pictures from the gallery, and we'll deliver those pictures to you by email, at the perfect size and resolution for your dating site. Oh, and one more thing. If you don't love your pictures, you get your money back. Period.

If you'd like to purchase additional pictures, they are $59 each. There's a discount if you purchase more than 5. Prints are available too, and you may order them directly from the web gallery.

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