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Wondering how your photos rate?
Wondering if they could be better?

For 20 bucks, I'll tell you. Point me to your profile (or send me up to 5 pictures). I'll provide detailed comments on 3 of the pictures (you can specify which 3, or I'll pick), as well as an overall assessment of the strength of the full set.

What makes me qualified to do this? I am The Date Photographer, after all. I've looked at thousands and thousands of profile pictures, and I know which ones get results.

Am I just doing this to have you pay me to convince you to hire me to take pictures of you? Sort of. If your pictures don't work, I'll tell you. But if they do work, I'll tell you that too. And either way, if you do hire The Date Photographer to take more pictures of you, you get your $20 back.

Will I snark without mercy? No. You get a straight up review, without any personal judgement. Which is more than you can say about many of the people viewing your pictures.

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