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Sample Photo Review

  Picture Grade: C

My sense is that this picture was taken when you were having a good time, and so you have good associations with how you were feeling when the picture was taken. But the enjoyment of the circumstance doesn't come through much in the picture. Your body language is cool, but the expanse of wall, light switch, bureau, power cords says "dull." That kind of negative space can be used to great effect to create a sense of mystery and confidence, but it doesn't do that in this picture. Also, the picture is dark and the colors are dull.

  Picture Grade: B+

I really like this picture. You look relaxed, confident, stylish comfortable and slightly mysterious. Here's a case where the off-centered subject and the negative space to the right works well. This picture makes me want to know more about you.

  Picture Grade: D

This picture is working against you. You look like a schlub on a couch, the kind of guy who's too lazy to get up and open the door for his girlfriend. The weak pink color cast doesn't help either. My guess is that this is a self portrait, and you're trying to look casual, but it doesn't work. Picture #4, where you're wearing the same clothes and you're in the same place, is further evidence of this.

  Picture Grade: D
  Picture Grade: B-



You have a great look, a nice sense of style, and it looks like you're having fun, at least some of the time. And the pictures are clear, with minor technical problems. But the overall impression is also kind of dull, because the pictures don't have much snap or variety. The self portraits look like you're trying too hard, and say "regular guy" a little too loud. The only thing here that makes you stand out is your cool style -- but it doesn't come through in these pictures as loud and clear as it could. Also, we're missing a high quality closeup, which means we're missing the chance to look into your eyes and see who you really are.


Keep photos 2 and 5. Crop the wall and all the cords and stuff out of photo 1. Dump the two self portraits. Then take some new pictures, in different surroundings with different clothes. We need to see you outdoors. If you're going to hire The Date Photographer, I'd suggest a Simple Session.




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