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Dating profile makeover by The Profile Doctor

You're not a writer. We can tell.

Profile writing is almost as hard as profile photography. How can you say something meaningful, pithy and descriptive about your sparkling self without resorting to I this, I that, I the other, I, I, I? How do you make your profile do the job that you could do oh so well with just 3 minutes of real conversation?

That's where the Profile Professor comes in. She's an expert at writing profiles that get noticed. She's tuned in to the tone of more than 30 major dating sites, from match to jdate to spark to salon. And she loves the challenge of making ordinary words do extraordinary tricks.

For just 59 bucks, you can put the Profile Professor on your team. For another 30, she'll even interview you. The process starts with the profile you've already written, and a few simple words about three things that are important to you.

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