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KissingKate, a 29-year-old woman in Manhattan seeking a man...



Does anyone have their act together?

I've been living in NYC for 7 years but new to the singles scene and So here it goes...

About me: I'm extremely driven, probably a tad too much of a type A overachiever, but I firmly believe in the "work hard, play hard" theory. I believe in education - I'm currently getting my MBA on top of working full time. I work for the most well known company in America (guess) and my job encompasses technology and marketing for Fortune 100 clients. I'm looking for someone who is passionate about their career and driven as well, but who likes to have fun. My career and MBA program are challenging and time demanding, so I'm looking for someone who is flexible...
I believe in staying and shape and think fit, attractive and fashionable is sexy. My ideal mate has it all - successful, well educated, fit, attractive, fun and generally, and has their priorities in order. I know it's asking a lot, but I've got a lot to offer...

I LOVE to travel and have been all over Europe and the Carribean. I haven't made it to South America yet, but I am headed to Asia soon for the first time. My all time favorite destinations are Aruba (to relax), Barcelona, and Tuscany. I love competitive games and sports - I am a huge yankees fan, and don't mind watching the Jets from time to time even though they always choke. A little gambling is always fun - I stick to Blackjack and Poker but craps is fun once in a while too. In the winter I like to ski so I'm hoping it will start snowing already. I have to admit that aside from skiing, I am not a fan of the winter. I prefer to stay in and take it easy and stay out of the cold. I'm a big fan of wine and seafood, and always like to check out new restaurants and wine bars. I absoultely hate to spend a single weekend in NYC in the summer and usually head to the Jersey Shore on the weekends (Bayhead or Spring Lake)

Turnoffs for me - Being unmotivated and complacent, drunks, bad oral hygiene, the hamptons (except for montauk), CHEAPNESS...

Turn-ons for me - A good suit & tie. Nothing beats a guy that looks like he stepped out of GQ. I'm irish and catholic and tend to be attracted to people that are as well... there's something about having Mc in your last name.. I definately keep an open mind though..



Can you keep up with me?

Life is fun, and life is fast – if you can keep up with me, and love traveling, sports, and the occasional hand of poker, I’m willing to slow down a bit and meet you halfway! I firmly believe in the “work hard, play hard” theory, and I’d love to meet someone who’s also energetic, passionate about their work, and says yes to weekend getaways at the Jersey Shore (much more “me” than the Hamptons).

What I’m looking for: a guy who loves what he does for a living as much as I do (I do technology and marketing for a major U.S. company, and I’m studying for an M.B.A.), and who makes the most of our scarce spare time. My career and my degree program are very demanding, so extra points to the man who doesn’t mind checking out the newest seafood restaurant or wine bar late in the evening. (I know it’s asking a lot – but I think I’ve got a lot to offer!)

When you and I get time off, we’ll make the most of it: I love to travel and am about to go to Asia for the first time. Barcelona and Tuscany are my favorite places to forget all about my hectic work and study schedule. Closer to home, we’ll take it easy by watching sports – Yankees and Jets games are my favorites, but I’m willing to share the remote if you’d rather watch the Mets or the Giants.

Tell me about your favorite date plans for a free hour after a grueling workday – or the dream trip you’d take if you had the luxury of a month off…..

The Profile Professor says:

Bitter, party of one … this profile screams ‘I’m sick of dating, and I’ll probably get sick of you too.’ Sure, online dating is tough – but if your bad attitude comes through in the TITLE of your profile, that's where most guys will stop reading. Other problems:

  • The “laundry list” approach: glad we know every city she’s been to – but so what?
  • Requirements like “good oral hygiene” are baseline. Mentioning them makes her sound a little obsessive.
  • Typos. They make you look stupid. Spell-check costs nothing, people!
  • Too-strong opinions. Confidence is great, but not when it crosses over into inflexibility.



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